Styles of Yoga​​
At Casa Ayurveda and Yoga, you can practice these styles of yoga:
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is an experiential yoga of consciousness, breath work and meditation.  We practice raising the Kundalini energy which usually lies dormant deep within our bodies. We come to experience our highest selves, as the energy rises, and practice specific movements, chants, and at times, laughter, sound vibes, funny faces. Our journey projects our inner vibration. We become a soul-(not ego-)oriented identity that is experienced in the discovery of our own mindfulness and presence, on the mat…and beyond!  We become interested and able, to release old worn-out patterns of our thinking, our anger, our fears. Letting go of our stresses allows us to serve honestly, to forgive, to love. We discover that these, and other qualities, are already in each of us.  In facing our challenges, through Kundalini practice, on or off the mat, we take the most awesome travel experience of all.

Hatha Yoga
A practice that is a combination of postures, breathing exercises and other techniques to promote flexibility, build strength, reduce stress, and bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance.

Hatha Flow
Flow classes are a series of poses linked through sun salutations to bring heat and purify the body and mind. Includes meditation and pranayama.

Wake Up & Flow Yoga
Vinyasa Flow class designed to energize you for the day! Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses synchronized to a breath.   

Gentle Flow
This practice is basic, gentle, and slow paced. Good for anyone new to yoga, those with special concerns or injuries, and seniors. You will learn breathing techniques known as pranayama which aid with stress, circulation, and digestion. You will also learn basic poses known as asanas. 

Unwind Yoga
Unwind and refresh from your day with this practice that is basic, gentle, and slow paced. You will go through a sequence of asanas to gently warm-up the body and then continue with yin/restorative inspired asanas using props. Good for beginners and advanced students.  

Other Wellness classes we offer, and different modalities of fitness are:

Healthy Back Class
This class is designed for anyone wanting to keep their spine healthy. If you have back issues or want to avoid getting back issues. Than this is the class for you. We will work on postural alignment and specific yoga postures that will support and improve back health. Class ends with a pranayama technique to quiet your mind, and relax the body.

 Prime of Life Yoga™ 
This class is moderate to slow pace and therapeutic. It incorporates an overall lifestyle approach to yoga based on the Prime of Life Yoga™ program developed by Larry Payne Ph.D. Modern medicine integrated with ancient Yoga postures brings a truly “East meets West” experience on the mat. Each posture is adapted to meet the individual needs of the student. Stress is reduced with emphasis on breathing practices and meditation. This is a multi-level yoga class designed to help students with their life off the mat as well; every day movement, the challenges of common aches and pains, stress relief and cultivating overall peace of mind.

Benefits of a Prime of Life Yoga™ class include:
Stress Relief
 Increased Circulation
 Better Body Alignment
Cardio Vascular Conditioning
 Increased Strength
 Pain Relief

Yoga Therapy
This class is an all levels class and great for beginners! It is an integration of Ancient Yoga Asanas (Postures) and modern Western medical science. It’s truly a fusion of “East meets West”. This class is physically slower and emphasizes deep breathing to reduce stress. This allows the body to begin the healing and restoration process. Postures are adapted to meet the needs of each student in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Benefits include:
 Stress reduction
 Increased core strength
 Improved breath capacity
 Pain reduction
 Better circulation
 Increased range of motion