Our Founder

Vivian Blanco​​
I was inspired by yoga and Ayurveda to open Casa Ayurveda and Yoga as a space to share my knowledge with our community. I have become a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, so that I could support those interested in having a healthier lifestyle. I want to spread the knowledge of this amazing science that uses food, diet and lifestyle to create wellness by having a better understanding of what works for your body type so that you can begin to make better health choices. 
Life is always about new paths, choices, and action; whether you are proactive or just go with the flow you will still create results. It is much better to know what works for you and that is what Ayurveda teaches us, that each one of us is unique. With Ayurveda, we get to the root cause of the body’s imbalance to help promote wellness. Here at Casa Ayurveda and Yoga, we are committed to education and sharing that knowledge. We want to teach people how you can avoid imbalances, which later lead to the pathology of disease.
We also provide yoga classes here at Casa Ayurveda and Yoga.  Yoga supports Ayurveda through its mind, body, and spirit connection. My goal is to guide you in this journey to learning a new but ancient science that promotes wellness. Ayurveda promotes preventative care and we want to help you before you get the signs and symptoms of dis-ease in the body. At Casa Ayurveda and Yoga, we are pleased to share what health benefits we can offer to provide  guidance on your transformation to your best self. We invite you to join us in this journey of wellness and see what you can learn and discover.
Founder, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Wellness Educator, Yoga Instructor

Our Team

Ashlee Blosser​​
Ashlee Blosser teaches a wide-range of yoga styles, with an emphasis on healing, somatic techniques, and Integral yoga principles. She has been practicing yoga for several years and teaching since 2017. She is a 200-RYT with Yoga Alliance after receiving her training at Long Beach School of Yoga from Ram Bhakt in 2017. Since achieving her yoga instructor certification, Blosser is pursuing a yoga teaching career specifically aimed towards holistic and restoring practices that include asanas, meditation, pranayama, adjustments, and somatic techniques for students of all skill level. Her classes consist of Gentle Flow/Hatha practices to focus on finding space and stillness, providing the body an opportunity to unwind, heal, and restore. She aspires to travel through yoga teaching opportunities, and share the joy and serenity yoga has brought her through teaching.
Yoga Instructor
Andrea Herman​​
Andrea Herman is a proud San Pedro resident and has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. She is trained in a variety of yoga styles including vinyasa, kundalini, yin, and restorative. Her passions include reading yogic philosophy, hiking beautiful California, hanging by the water with her pups, and simply relaxing with a warm latte. Come join her for a truly relaxing, heartwarming, and soul connecting practice. 

*Andrea will be subbing throghout December and then will be teaching her won classes in January*

Yoga Instructor
Christopher Quain
Well trained by world-class teachers in all aspects of alignment, physiology, and bio-mechanics, Christopher Quain's instruction is also steeped in philosophy and theory. Employing both science and empathy he does nothing short of re-introducing you to the best version of your essential self. 
Yoga Instructor
Cynthia Conant
Cynthia Conant teaches Finding Beauty Inside and Out with a natural, holistic approach by using tools and techniques from the ancient teachings of ayurveda, which means “the science of life.” Cynthia is an ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga instructor, licensed esthetician (skincare specialist) and reiki energy healer. She has studied Ayurveda at SCUHS with professors directly from India, using the classical texts and principles. She has done research and work in the motherland of Southern India with Ayurvedic Practitioners, Yogis and Reiki Healers. Cynthia believes that beauty starts within and is part of the mind, body, and spirit connection. She brings her knowledge to others with her Yoga classes, Workshops and one-on-one Consultations. She enjoys sharing her wisdom and loves giving people simple and easy to use tools, techniques, and remedies that are effective as well as economical.
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Licensed Esthetician, Reiki
David Mario Pratt​​
I first discovered yoga in the fall of 1999, and since then it has been an important part of my daily well being.  Yoga to me means much more then personal fitness.  This is a chance to be kind to ourselves, and get to know our bodies and the internal being within on an intimate level.  Having been brought up to take care of our bodies and eating right, I subconsciously wanted to find the perfect solution to personal fitness as I moved into adulthood.  And when I took my first yoga class, I was hooked!  The movement, breath, I could feel my body becoming stronger and flexible over time, and the joy of learning about mediation, I knew this would be with me for the rest of my life.  Now with my knowledge and ever growing desire to learn I feel the next step along this journey is to teach.  I started to officially teach about 2 years ago, and I learn along the way.  I find a way to tune into the class or even individuals and see what I can do to help.
My class involves mostly a flow style, mixed in with elements of Hatha yoga, and I enjoy teaching a good restorative and yin yoga experience. I have developed some sequences that can be challenging and fun with the addition of the element of meditation through movement as an intention. 
I acknowledge everyone is on their path, and I genuinely am wanting to help others get to where they want to go in a tender approach. One great aspect of yoga is, one can go as strong or as gentle, according to how we feel daily.  Every class, every day is different, and my wish is for us to get to know our bodies and appreciate where we are at every step of the way. I love yoga, and it has brought me much peace and growth. 
Yoga Instructor
Joanne Higgins​​​​​
I first discovered Pilates 11 years ago. I stumbled into a Mat Pilates class and was humbled by my lack of abdominal strength. Although I spent several years practicing various forms of exercise, Pilates was foreign to me. I thought of it as the workout of dancers and gymnast, but it challenged my body in a way it had never been before. Years later I'm still practicing and teaching with the same enthusiasm that accompanied my first 100 position. I became a certified instructor in 2003 through Stott's Pilates and worked at several gyms around Los Angeles. The variety of bodies I taught helped me further define my practice. This led me to discover "classical Pilates." In 2004 determined to teach the fundamentals of a classical form, I recertificated with Power Pilates out of New York City and through their comprehensive program I acquired a systematic integrative approach to Pilates training. My goal in each class is to acquaint the student with the core muscles and in doing so change the body. 
Pilates Instructor
Jennifer Bass​​​​​
Jennifer teaches Restorative Fusion Yoga on Friday's from 6p-7:15p. She also offers Ayurvedic treatments and co-hosts monthly Ayurveda 101 events. Come meet her at the Casa!
Yoga Instructor,
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Killian Vonrettberg​​​
I have been exposed to different yogic practices my entire life. In the beginning unknowingly, but when I learned of all the benefits yoga brings to ones life I became obsessed. After practicing for some time, I attended my first teacher training at Yoga Salt. The training was 200 hours. In this training learned intricate alignment of asana(posture), and was exposed to anatomy(western and eastern), physiology, breath work, yogic philosophy, therapeutic applications, ethics, and healthy eating. Once I had been fortified with this knowledge I have ventured to learn more, feeling I had only scratched the surface. I continued practicing and visiting workshops and I remain absolutely fascinated with the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits this practice brings. As time goes on, I realize my practice grows like a sprouting seed. The more I water it, give it sunlight, feed it nutrients, the deeper the roots get, and the more it manifests to its full expression. Yoga has given me a humble path toward health, love, happiness, and I feel a profound responsibility to share this amazing gift with others in the hopes that it helps people as it has helped me. To me there is no greater gift than the gift of yoga and I am forever thankful to those who have helped me on this path. Namaste.
Yoga Instructor
Lorrie Denning
Lorrie began practicing Yoga over 10 years ago on the recommendation of a neurologist to help with chronic pain. As her body began to respond to the Yoga practice, she became interested in becoming a Yoga instructor.  She received her 200 hr. Yoga certification from YogaWorks in 2015.
With her passion to teach yoga to the “Baby Boomer” and midlife population, she continued her studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.  In March 2016, she received her credential to teach Prime of Life Yoga™ (POLY). POLY is a specialty Yoga class with a specific focus on midlife and beyond. Postures are adapted to meet the needs of each student. Her classes offer self-care techniques in a slow, mindful way to help relieve stress, common aches and pains, and to safely bring the body and mind back into balance. 
Lorrie is currently working on her YTRX-500 in Yoga Therapy at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a Certified Chair Yoga instructor. She offers small group and private lessons. Her passion is to bring the healing side of Yoga to her students.
Yoga Instructor
Megan Crum
Megan began practicing yoga 10 years ago as a senior in college when a friend suggested a class. Coming from a competitive sports background, yoga created a new challenge for her to accept, release, and sit.  After she graduated, she started attending classes 4-5 times a week which lead her to complete her first teacher training in 2010 with Najla Coury Barile and Chappy Foote. There she gained her 200-hr RYT with Yoga Alliance. Since then, she has taught throughout the South bay and gained certifications in Kids Yoga, Yoga Meets Dance, and an additional 300-hr training.  Her desire as a teacher is to help guide students to a place of freedom in their own bodies. The possibility of feeling a muscle that you didn’t know was there or opening a new part of you is really exciting to her. It’s a wonderful feeling to leave a class in a blissful state feeling open and ready for whatever the world has in store for you. 
Yoga Instructor
Michelle Settergren​​
Michelle Settergren studied Ayurveda and Massage Therapy at Southern California University of Health Sciences under the guidance and clinical instruction of doctors in various medical backgrounds including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, Nutrition and Ayurvedic Medicine directly from India. Trained as an Ayurvedic Practitioner directly from classical Indian texts, Michelle believes that health and happiness stem from a balance of mind, body and spirit and should be evaluated on an individualized basis. With a B.A. in Psychology and over 12 years of professional training and teaching experience, she leads our Ayurveda 101 workshop by making the foundations of holistic health fun and easy to adapt into your daily life. The healing aspect she loves most is working with the body through massage and bodywork. Some modalities she specializes in are Ayurvedic Abhyanga, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy massage.
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Wellness Educator, Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer
Sylvia Duran
Certified to teach Hatha Yoga by Kofi Busia; by Cloud Nine Teacher Trainings and by YOGA ed.;by Hala Khouri, for teaching at-risk youth; practiced Tai Chi with master Chungliang Huang, and Kundalini yoga with Viriam Kaur since 2004. Completed 9 months of Kundalini Teacher Training at Yoga West LA; received the Three Jewels and the Five Mindfulness Trainings from Thich Nhat Hanh,Zen Buddhist Master,at Deer Park Monastery. At Level 1,she incorporates Reiki healing into her yoga practice. She has grown by teaching this yoga to the homeless in Santa Monia. Sylvia is a grateful 43-year cancer survivor. In August 2012 she retired from a 40-year career as an oncology RN (specializing in Bone Marrow Transplantation) at UCLA. She loves hiking, white-water rafting, traveling, and is a joyful singer with Zhena Folk Chorus,a womens’ acapella group based in San Pedro.            

“We are not human beings seeking a spiritual experience, rather, souls seeking a human experience”
Yogi Bhajan, quoting Teilhard de Chardin
Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Guest Teachers

Angie Soriano​​
Guest Teacher Angie Soriano, RN has a passion for the Healing Arts.  She believes in the human body’s natural ability to heal itself. Her aspiration is to share her knowledge of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga to help others tap into their own innate power to achieve health and wellness.
RN, Yoga Instructor, Ayurveda Practioner
Sasy Cacace
I am a 500 hours Yoga Alliance Registered  Yoga Teacher (RYT) and I studied Yoga in India and Nepal, with different Masters and Teachers. My first approch with the path of awarness and mindfulness was in 2005 with Buddhism practice and philosophy that I studied for 5 years to ultimate the Basic Program at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Italy. After 20 years of serving the Italian Governament as a Police Detective I  decided to dedicate my life to Yoga. I love nature, the sea, reading and listening to music. I love my Ukulele and above all I love animals. I strongly believe in the universal ethic that belomg to all spiritual traditions and that ethic is the ethic of love, non-violence and compassion.
Yoga Instructor
Lizzie Stapleton
Lizzie Stapleton was born and raised in the South Bay. Growing up in such a naturally beautiful place surrounded by water, she has grown a great appreciation for the environment and spending most of her time enjoying it and preserving it (there is not planet B). 
Lizzie discovered yoga in college. She found refuge in her practice from personal and academic stresses, and the densely gloomy winters of Oregon. From there it is a staple in her life, combined with mindfulness... and more nature!
Lizzie is in graduate school for a high school teaching credential. She hopes to integrate these learned practices into her classroom, potentially expanding campus-wide & BEYOND. She believes that EVERYONE needs a wellness practice, and if she can help kids discover theirs at an early age, it will only set themselves up for greater success in the future! 
In Lizzie’s class you will begin with an intention and focus that will carry through class. Her training involves bone-based vinyasa flow - which means it is all about alignment, and strengthening muscles to help progress and deepen your practice. 

Yoga Instructor